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How to Erase Herpes | Review Book PDF Download
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How to Erase Herpes | Review Book PDF Download
Sunday, 23 November 2014


Erase herpes Program Review - Herpes disease is a terrible disease skin infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. Sebanrnya overcome this disease has been summarized in the erase herpes program by Dr. Christine Buehler.

the peripheral nerves and mucosa of the upper respiratory tract; and lesions on the skin is a sign that can be observed from the outside. If not treated, herpes can be very progressive, causing damage to the skin around the body.

"Unlike the myths that circulate in the community, herpes does not cause the release of the body that is so easy."

Herpes is a chronic disease that affects the skin edges, skin and organs of the human body in the long run lead to some members of the patient's body can not function properly. Although infectious, but a low degree of infectivity. Long incubation time, perhaps several years, and it seems most patients get infections during childhood.

The signs of a person suffering from herpes, among others, the skin has red spots, red, there are parts of the body are not sweating, tingling in the limbs or parts of faces, and numbness due to damage to the skin edges. Symptoms are not always visible. Precisely should be wary if a family member who suffered wounds never healed in the long term. Also when pressed with a finger injury does not hurt.

Groups at high risk of herpes are living in endemic areas with poor conditions such as bed inadequate, unsafe water, poor nutrition, and the inclusion of other diseases such as HIV that can suppress the immune system. Men have herpes level two times higher than women.

Herpes type bacillary Pausi also called dry herpes is when there is spotting kekemerahanan like phlegm and numbness or lack of feeling, dry patches and rough surface and do not sweat, do not grow hair / fur, leather patches on the 1-5 places. There is damage to the peripheral nerves in one place, the results of herpesologis simplex virus negative (-), type of herpes is not contagious.

While Herpes Type Multi bacillary or also called herpes wet is when rosy red spots scattered one-on-one or evenly throughout the body skin, thickening and swelling of the spots, blotches on the skin more than 5 places, a lot of damage to the peripheral nerves and examination results simplex virus herpesologi positive (+). This type is highly contagious.

Herpes Disease Signs

According to erase herpes program review mentioned that the signs of herpes vary, according depending on the level or type of the disease, namely:

• The presence of a thin reddish spots like the body / human body.

• In this reddish spots first few, but gradually widened and more.

• The widening of the skin, especially the skin of the ulnar, median, aulicularis magnus and peroneal.

• sweat glands are less labor so that the skin becomes thin and shiny.

• There is a pimple redness (leproma, nodules) that is spread on the skin.

• Front bumpy and tense called facies leomina (lion face).

Common Symptoms Herpes / Erase herpes program

Common symptoms in herpes / erase herpes program, the reaction:

• Heat from a low degree up to shiver.

• Noreksia.

• Nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting.

• cephalgia.

• Sometimes accompanied by irritation, Orchitis and Pleurisy.

• Sometimes accompanied by Nephrosia, Nepritis and hepatospleenomegali.

• neuritis.

• Causes of Herpes

The cause is bacteria mycobacterium erase herpes pdf: Where this is microbacterium aerobic bacteria, spore-forming, rod-shaped, surrounded by a cell membrane candles that are characteristic of Mycobacterium species, a length of 1-8 micro, width 0.2 to 0.5 micro usually in groups and there were scattered one- one, live in the cell and is resistant to acid (BTA) or gram-positive, not easy to be colored but if tinged be resistant to decolorization by acid or alcohol so therefore it is called as a result "acid resistant". In addition to many form safrifit, there are also groups of pathogenic organisms (eg mycrobacterium tuberculosis, Mycrovirus herpes simplex herpesum erase program) that cause chronic disease with lesions causing granuloma infeksion types. Mycobacterium erase herpes program can not be cultured in the laboratory.

Erase the bacteria Mycobacterium program Herpes transmitted to humans through direct contact with patients and through breathing, then the bacteria divide within 14-21 days with an average incubation period of two to five years. After five years, the signs of a person suffering from herpes began to appear among others, the skin has red spots, red, tingling part of the body to not function properly.

Modes of Transmission of Herpes

Although the exact mode of transmission is not clear, the transmission in the household and contact / close relationship for a long time it seems very important role in the transmission of herpes.

Modes of transmission of herpes is still a question mark. Which is known only exit herpes germs from the body of the patient, the nasal mucous membranes. But some say that the transmission of herpes are:

Through nasal secretions, bacilli from patients with nasal secretions dried, they can live outside of 2-7 x 24 hours.

Skin contact with the skin. The requirements are to be under the age of 15 years, they have to exist either mikoskopis and macroscopic lesions, and the presence of prolonged contact and repeated.

Incidence of herpes for someone is not easy and is not to be feared depends on several factors (read more: **, among others:

1. Factors herpes Germs

From the results of the study demonstrated that herpes germ intact (solid) form, more likely to cause infection than germs are no longer intact. Mycobacterium erase herpes programs are resistant to acid, a long rod-shaped with 1-8 microns and 0.2-0.5 microns wide, usually in groups and there were scattered one-on-one, live in the cell network mainly cold temperature. Herpes Germs can live outside the human body between 1 to 9 days depending on the temperature or weather and known only germ intact herpes (solid) can cause a transmission

2. Immunity Factor

Most humans are immune to herpes disease (95%). From the results of the study showed that of the 100 people who were exposed, the 95 people who do not become ill, 3 people heal itself without drugs and 2 people to become sick. It is yet again considering the effect of treatment (read more: The Ultimate Herpes Protocol).

3. Environmental conditions

Circumstances cramped house that is usually associated with poverty, a factor contributing to high rates of herpes. In contrast with the rising standard of living and improved immunity are the main factors preventing the emergence of herpes.

4. Factors Age

Herpes disease is rare in infants. Incidence Rate this disease increases with age with a peak at the age of 10 to 20 years and then decline. Prevalence is also increased according to age with a peak age of 30 to 50 years and then gradually decreased.

5. Factors Sex

The incidence and prevalence in males more than females, except in Africa where women more than in men. Physiological factors such as puberty, menopause, pregnancy, infection and malnutrition will lead to clinical change herpes.

Herpes Disease Prevention Efforts

Until now there is no vaccine for herpes. Factors treatment is of utmost importance that herpes can be destroyed, so the transmission can be prevented.

Treatment for herpes sufferers is one way of breaking the chain of transmission. Herpes germs can live outside the human body 24-48 hours and there are argued to 7 days, depending on temperature and the weather outside the human body. The hotter the weather the faster germs die herpes * ultimate herpes protocol reviews. So in this case the importance of sunlight into the house and avoid the occurrence of moist places.

It is important that we know or understand a few things about this herpes disease, that:

• There are medications that can cure herpes.

• At least 80% of all people may be exposed to herpes.

• Six of the seven cases of herpes is not contagious to others.

• Cases will not be contagious infectious after treatment approximately 6 months on a regular basis.

Herpes Disease

Prevention of herpes have been carried everywhere with the intention of restoring human herpes sufferers become a useful, independent, productive and confident. This reduction method consists of rehabilitation method consisting of medical rehabilitation, social rehabilitation ( source: erase herpes ), rehabilitation works and correctional method which is the ultimate goal of rehabilitation, where patients and the public mingle so no separate groups. The third method is a system of interconnected and inseparable.

In America, the efforts made to combat herpes disease through:

• patients with early discovery.

• Treatment of patients.

• Health education in the field of herpes.

• Improving the skills of health workers in the field of herpes.

• Rehabilitation of people with herpes.

• Meanwhile in Shandong, disease herpes or herpes erase the program could be one of the dreaded disease because it can make people become isolated.

• Factor gene can now explain why there are people who are more susceptible to herpes while others do not.

Studies conducted in China and has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine found seven mutations in genes that could increase the vulnerability of a person affected by herpes. This is contrary to what had been believed by experts that herpes is not a disease that is inherited or derivative.

"As long as people think because of the spread of herpes transmission, but our study proves that it is influenced by genetic factors. If parents have herpes, it is very likely the child was also hit, "said Zhang Furen researcher of the Institute of Dermatology and Venereology, Shandong Province in northeast China, as reported by Reuters.

Additionally obtained also in a pair that someone with herpes but her partner is not infected despite living together for decades. This proves that herpes is not a contagious disease, but associated with something that is inherited.

"What we found is that there is an internal reason. We found seven genes that make a person susceptible to herpes, so many things that have to do with this genetics, "said Zhang.

Researchers analyzed the genes of 706 patients with herpes and 1,225 people who did not have herpes. Obtained seven versions of the gene mutations that arise in people with herpes. Five of the genes involved in the regulation of the immune system.

Zhang said herpes disease has a long incubation period is between 8 to 10 years, after the symptoms on the surface of this disease will cause permanent damage. Later if someone already known to have a susceptibility to herpes, it can be done precautions.

Herpes or commonly referred to as a disease caused by Mycobacterium erase herpes review. This disease can give effect to the skin, mucous membranes, peripheral nerves and eyes.

Effects caused permanent nerve damage, so for those who have recovered can not feel pain later. While minor wounds or abrasions on the fingers and toes can turn into severe inflammation and create unhealthy living conditions.

Although herpes has not become a serious problem in some developed countries, but the invention is very important for developing countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007 there were about 254 525 new cases of herpes in the tropics and sub-tropics, while in China alone each year there are 2,000 new cases.

Defect types Herpes

Group on the primary defect, defect group is caused directly by the activity of the disease, particularly damage caused by Herpes tissue response to germs.

Secondary disability groups, secondary defect is due to a primary defect, mainly due to nerve damage (sensory, motor, autonomic). Motor paralysis causes contractures that may cause interference mengenggam or walking, also facilitates the wound. Autonomic nerve palsy causes dry skin and reduced elasticity (source: erase herpes review). As a result, the skin is cracked and can occur secondary infections.

What can herpes be cured?

"Herpes is no longer a mysterious illness. It is a contagious disease that can be prevented and treated. Actually, we can prevent just by living a clean and healthy behavior, "said Minister of Health after the opening of the Workshop Empowering People Who Never Had Herpes (OYPMK) and Inauguration Polyclinic Services Building Integrated Herpes Herpes Day in commemoration of the 60th World, The Hospital Herpes, Uk.

MDT regimen (Drug Combinations) recommended by WHO are:

1. People with Herpes Dry (PB) Adults:

Monthly Treatment: Day One (dose taken in front of the officer) 2 capsules Rifampicin and 1 tablet dapsone.

Daily treatment: Day 2 to day 28 (take home) 1 tablet dapsone. Patients will receive MDT drugs from health centers to drink as much as 6 Blister for 6-9 months.

2. People with Herpes Wet (MB) Adults:

Monthly Treatment: Day One (dose taken before an officer) Rifampicin 2 capsules, 3 capsules Lampren, and 1 tablet of dapsone

Daily treatment day 2 to day 28: 1 tablet Lampren and 1 tablet taken daily dapsone. Each type of herpes sufferers will get 12 MB MDT blister medication from the health center to be taken over 12 months.

After taking the drug, the patient stated above: Release From Treatment (RTF / Recover)

Similarly, health info this time (to recognize the symptoms of herpes, causes, modes of transmission as well as efforts to overcome), may be useful.




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